Welcome to the world of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Welcome to Western Canada Business Technologies Inc! Welcome to the world of Digital Transformation and Dynamic Business Applications!

Western Canada Business Technologies Inc (WCBT) is your One-Stop Shop for Microsoft end-to-end business automation and Cloud infrastructure services.  

Successful Organizations today are those that utilize modern sales and marketing techniques to reach their markets and adapt their products and services to the ever changing tastes and culture in the marketplace. Simply put, these Organizations are Dynamic!

And, the core factor that drives efficiency in modern Organizations is their strong, internal networking and real-time information processing and accessibility systems. Simply put, their leverage is Technology!

In other words, successful Organizations are both Dynamic and Technology inclined.  They are those Organizations that have achieved the best fit in Business and Technology convergence, but not at a cut throat price.

Two words that accurately describe the positive impact of Microsoft Dynamics 365 on business productivity is Digital Transformation. It provides Software-defined Networking, Cloud-hosted Applications, Dynamic Business Applications, Real-Time Business Insights; Automated Business Processes; and integration with Internet of Things (IoT).  

Western Canada Business Technologies Inc specializes in helping Organizations implement Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Migration Azure Cloud.  

We bring to our clients well proven, reliable innovative technologies from Microsoft.  Our clients trust us for efficient, cost-effective service delivery.

We look forward to helping you leverage the diverse capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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